South Jacksonville, IL Administration Department | Village Treasurer

The Administration Department is responsible for all day-to-day business of the Village, including: personnel, insurance, government reporting, accounting, building maintenance. Mindy Olson is the Village Treasurer and can be reached by calling 217-245-4803, extension 807 or at

The Village Treasurer is the custodian of all funds belonging to the municipality. The Treasurer keeps records of activities and books which show a separate account for each fund or “appropriation”. The Village Treasurer issues receipts for money received and pays out money on warrants or bonds signed by the Village President.

Mindy Olson



Village Hall

Village’s Fiscal Year & Budget Process

The fiscal year for the Village begins May 1st and ends April 30th of the following year. A budget for the Village is established by department heads and the mayor and is reviewed and approved by the Board of Trustees. The budget process usually begins in the first quarter of the year, to be approved by July.

Once the budget has been approved, the Board of Trustees then establish an “Appropriations” Ordinance and finally, the Village Property Tax Levy for Corporate and Road District purposes.

Tax Dollars & Village’s Revenue Collection Sources

The Village collects revenues from a variety of sources. These include water/sewer utility revenue collections, property taxes, federal and state funds and grants, franchise fees, motor fuel taxes, as well as the municipalities share of state sales taxes, income and use taxes.

Local Businesses Registering with the IRS | State Tax Code Number

Please register your business with IRS using the address of “South Jacksonville” and the State tax code number 2546 to ensure the Village receives it’s share of municipal state sales tax! In addition, all local businesses who operate within the Village are required to complete a “Business Application” which can be obtained at no charge at Village Hall. If you need more information about starting your own business, or just want to know where your tax dollars go, check out the IRS web site below.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Forms & Publications | TAXinteractive

Need a form or publication? Check the IRS web site to download what you need. The “Small Business Corner” provides valuable assistance and instructions.

Go to IRS TaxInteractiveCheck out “TAXinteractive” while you’re visiting IRS! It provides samples on the breakdown of payroll taxes and how it is distributed on the Federal, State and Local level.

Access Secretary of State’s “Illinois Gateway” Online Services

You can learn about state programs – and even complete routine transactions – with the click of a finger on a computer at home, at school, at the office or a local library. The Secretary of State’s home page, the “Illinois Gateway”, opens the door to an array of information and services available through the office. From requesting publications and signing up to be an organ donor to ordering personalized license plates, the “Illinois Gateway” offers a new way of doing business with the Secretary of State. Additionally, Gateway users can link to other state agencies and related information outside the Gateway.

The State of Illinois Home Page, created by the Office of the Governor, also offers quick access to government information about his office as well as the more than 25 state departments and agencies under the Governor’s domain.