FOIA Information

The Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), found here, provides public access to government documents and records.  The Village of South Jacksonville is subject to the Illinois FOIA.  Requests filed under FOIA are themselves public records and subject to FOIA requests as well.

Sheryl Dossett is the Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) Officers for the Village of South Jacksonville. Questions regarding the availability of records to the public may be referred to the FOIA officers.

Sheryl Dossett can be reached at 217-245-9222 or

Requests for information under the Act are processed by the South Jacksonville Village Hall. To request information under the Act, please complete the “FOIA Records Request Form”, and submit to FOIA Officer Sheryl Dossett, 301 Dewey Drive, South Jacksonville, Illinois 62650, or email with your request.

Click Here to Access the Village of South Jacksonville FOIA Request Form.