South Jacksonville, IL Police Department & Law Enforcement

South Jacksonville, IL Police Chief Eric Hansell

Chief Eric Hansell heads the Village of South Jacksonville, Il Police Department located at 1812 Sequoia Drive, South Jacksonville, IL 62650. The Police Department is attached to the South Side of the Fire Department in South Jacksonville, Illinois. To contact the Police Department for NON-EMERGENCY help or for administrative questions call (217) 245-9222; or the other office number is (217) 243-1241.

For Emergencies, Dial 911.

In addition, there is an emergency telephone located just outside the door at Village Hall and Police Department—Just pick up the receiver and you are automatically connected to a dispatcher, who will assist you. The Village has a policeman on duty 24 hours a day, as well as 15 volunteers representing the fire department and rescue squad.

Importance of Installing Child Safety Restraints in Automobiles

Sheryl Dossett – Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician

Child Passenger Safety is an ever changing industry of new products; safety standards and recommendations.

In the United States, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death of children 4 years of age and older.  For every fatality, approximately 18 children are hospitalized and more than 400 receive medical treatment for injuries sustained in a crash.

Did you know, that nearly 73% of all child seats used, are improperly installed by the parent/caregiver?

If you are responsible for transporting a child in your vehicle and would like to have the child seat checked for safety and proper installation, or to confirm the child is using the appropriate seat for the child’s height and weight, contact Sheryl Dossett at the South Jacksonville Police, IL Department at 217-243-1241, to schedule your free seat check.

… and remember to always REACH for child seat safety!

National Bike Registry Program

While many types of crimes are on the decline, bicycle thefts have risen.  Schools, college campuses, parks, and recreational areas are common locations for bicycle thefts.  Every bicycle owner should have and use a bike lock anytime they leave their bicycle unattended in public places.  Due to the increased number of reported stolen bicycles in the South Jacksonville – Jacksonville area, the South Jacksonville Police Department has partnered with the National Bike Registry Program (NBR) to aid in recovery and return of lost and stolen bicycles.  Every year, many bicycles are recovered by law enforcement agencies and they have no way to identify the rightful owners.  Many of these bicycles may in fact be stolen, however a large majority of these thefts go unreported.

NBR is a national database that will assist law enforcement with identifying the registered owner and returning the property.  Bicycle owners can purchase their registration kit from the South Jacksonville Police Department for just $10.00.  The registration period is for ten (10) years, which is the equivalent cost of $1.00 per year.  Law enforcement agencies nationwide can access the database and check any recovered bicycle bearing the NBR label and will help expedite its return to the owner.  NBR registration is not limited to just bicycles.  Scooters can also be registered in the database.

TO REGISTER your bicycle or scooter, stop by the South Jacksonville Police Department.