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Questions about your utility bill may be directed to the Water Department at (217) 245-4803. They will be able to help you establish service if you are moving into South Jacksonville, or to transfer service if you are selling your home. (All water/sewer utility service customers are required to make a $100.00 security deposit prior to establishing service.)

The Water/Sewer utility meters are read during the first week of each month. For example, meters are read in early June to record May’s usage. Once all meter readings are input into the computer system, water/sewer bills are then printed and mailed on the 1st of the following month–July 1st. The bill a customer receives on July 2nd-3rd represents May’s prior service and is due on the 15th of the month of July (shown as “Net Due Amount” on bills).

The minimum water/sewer utility bill is $50.36 per month.
Utility bills are due on the 15th of the month. If you pay after the 15th of the month, a 10% penalty is applied to the service bill (This amount is represented in the section labeled “Gross Amount” due on your utility bill).
Payments may be made in person at Village Hall, by mail, in the night deposit box or in the drop box in the Village parking lot.

Boil Orders

Boil orders are issued when there is an interruption in water flow due to a water main break, accidental cut, or required maintenance, or at any time the water pressure drops below 20 p.s.i. Local media is notified.

Residents under a “boil order” are advised to boil water five (5) minutes prior to drinking or cooking with it. This is a precautionary measure only.

Due to required testing, a “boil order” will remain in effect a minimum of 24 hours. When clear test results come back, the “boil order” will be lifted and the media will again be notified.

Fire Hydrant Flushing

The Village has a fire hydrant flushing maintenance program which operates approximately two times per year. This program not only checks each fire hydrant to make sure it is in good working condition in case of fire, but flushes out sediment from the water distribution system. We will notify residents of the flushing program time period.


Utility Payment Locations & Times

Payments can be made at Village Hall during normal business hours from 7am-4pm. After business hours, you may use the “night deposit box” located within the entrance to the Village Hall or the “drop box” located in the Village Hall parking lot. Envelopes are provided for your convenience. Questions regarding your water/sewer bills or service should be directed to the Water Department at 217-245-4803.

48 Hours Prior to Digging, Call JULIE!

Remember to call “JULIE” before you dig on your property at 1-800-892-0123. This FREE service will in turn contact all local utilities to locate cable and telephone lines, water, sewer and gas pipes and electrical wires underground where you want to dig to avoid costly problems!

Contact Information | Public Works Superintendent

Public Works Superintendent Brian English can be reached at or by calling 217-245-4803