10/24/21 Weather Event


Agency Contact: Date of Release: Chief Eric Hansell October 24, 2021 sjpdchief@southjacksonville.org


On Sunday, October 24, 2021, at approximately 6:17 pm, the Village of South Jacksonville experienced a weather event that caused widespread damage.

The affected area is West Vandalia at South Diamond to East Vandalia at Nichols Park. Residents are asked to please stay out of this area so emergency crews can safely clear downed trees and power lines.

The damage consists of powerlines being down, tree damage, vehicle damage and building damage. Emergency crews are working to clear debris from the roadways allowing access by emergency services.

The Village of South Jacksonville is asking residents to stay near their residences due to power lines being down and still live. If residents have emergency issues, please contact the Police Department at 217-245-9222.

Residents are encouraged to ensure safety precautions are taken when using generators, candles or any other emergency equipment. If generators are used to power residences, the main breaker to the residence should be shut off so that the residence does not back feed the grid causing safety issues for power company personnel.