With Independence Day backdrop, South Jacksonville to become Second Amendment Sanctuary

Jacksonville Journal Courier | July 1, 2021

Independence Day will take on added meaning in South Jacksonville this year, with Mayor Tyson Manker signing an order establishing the village as a Second Amendment Sanctuary. 

The move would reaffirm the rights of people to own and bear arms for defense of life, liberty and property as “an inalienable right,” according to Mayoral Order 1-2021.

It also would stipulate “that no department within the village of South Jacksonville may conduct unlawful gun confiscation efforts, and that no taxpayer resources shall be used at any time to seize, confiscate or otherwise impede the ownership of firearms that are lawfully owned by South Jacksonville residents pursuant to the Second Amendment.”

The order is being signed at a time when legislation is being considered by the state legislature that some see as an infringement on gun ownership. 

“There has grown a need to reaffirm certain principles of self-governance relating to the safety, health and welfare of the people of South Jacksonville,” the order said. “In an ideal world, violent people would not exist and perfect harmony could be achieved without law enforcement or having to worry about crimes being committed where you live. Unfortunately, no society, including ours, has ever rid itself of criminal and violent behavior, and as a result, the right to defend one’s self against violence has always existed as a necessary norm in every free society.”

The order will be signed during a ceremony scheduled for 1 p.m. Sunday at the Military Surplus Outlet store at 1902 S. Main St. Owner Tom Holmes told the Journal-Courier in February that he had to stop selling guns and ammunition at his store about two years ago because state regulations had become overly burdensome.

Among those expected to attend the ceremony along with Manker and Holmes are state Rep. C.D. Davidsmeyer, Morgan County Sheriff Mike Carmody, South Jacksonville Police Chief Eric Hansell, Morgan County Sheriff’s Deputy Derek Suttles and village trustees John Stewart and Mike Broaddus.

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